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Marsha Wright… Infectiously Positive! Accidentally Motivational…
“The Most Positive Person on Social Media”

Marsha Wright is a serial entrepreneur who semi-retired age 32. She’s passionate about changing the world and continues to do so via her books (she’s a 4x best-selling author), her businesses, and social media movements. 

Marsha has over 450,000 social media followers, her posts are viewed over 26million times a month, she also owns a network of 30+ influential social media brands.

She makes a HUGE impact in the world with her trending movement #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha, which has garnered over 2.5 million hashtag shares and trended well over 500 times worldwide from USA & Canada to Kenya, UK, India and more.

She’s active on social media and truly loves her fans and followers. This site is a powerful new way for her fans to tap into her insights on life, business, success, mindset, overcoming challenges and living boldly!

iLoveMyFans.io is a place where YOU, her biggest fans get to become the center of her world. You make it worthwhile.

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