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Favourite Food

We became a vegetarians in 2003 or 2004 I forget, the only thing I ate still was cheese and fish but all the meat was gone. Roll on 2007 and after a health retreat my hubby and I went Vegan. So fish was gone. But I do LOVE cheese still and occasionally dabble. It’s my diablo.

Favourite food… has got to be a good vegan chicken-style burger, if not that a traditional Italian pizza. I’m a bit of a vegan foodie and every meal needs to be presented with finesse.  I cook all the time, love it!

Are you a traditionalist or a equal rights chick in the home?

LOL. I’m actually more of a traditionalist.

I love being a homemaker. Cooking and having the house ‘just so’. With my busy life I have to have help so have a really lovely maid called Bella, who is with us probably 3 days a week, but when she isn’t around I cook and love food presentation the most!

Here’s something I made for Simon and I… it was lush!

Favourite Human?

That’s easy… Simon Wright.

My lush chocolate honey. Love him!

We’ve been together since 1998 and married since 2002. We spend 24/7 together and get along REALLY well.

Marriage is important to us both, we have a shared vision for our future and those we were placed here to help. We’re passionate about life and anyone who knows us knows you can’t have one without the other.



Favourite Book?

This is a hard once since I love so many books for so many different reasons.

My favourite fiction book is by far ‘The Big Over Easy is a novel written by Jasper Fforde’ all about the ‘crime’ of Humpty Dumpty’s death. It’s just fantastic!

I love Dan Kennedy’s NO BS Time Management, Gary Chapmans The 5 Love Languages and Jack Canfield, Les Hewitt & Mark Victor Hansen’s The Power of Focus too. I have over 100 books, plus I listen to at least two to five audio books every week, on various topics.

I also read at least 50-80 articles per week – consuming them from tens of sources and loading them into spoken word text in my iMac and iPhone.

3 Favorite Films?

‘300’, ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ and the original of the film which was recently remade now called ‘In Time’. I’m a movie buff and watch maybe 10 films a month, so 3 is hard. It depends what mood I’m in. But I love thrillers, action, comedies, documentaries or inspirational people, and occasionally romance.

What do you do for fun?

Watch TV, exercise, talk with my real friends and speak on stage. The thing I’ve loved since I was a kid is singing. You’ll find me singing all day long. And I’m pretty good at it. I think I could have been a singer 🙂 . I was offered a contract at 13 but on the advice of my sister I turned it down. Glad I did, but I think I would like to do an album before I die for sure.

This is me as ‘The Singing Blackberry’ in 2009 when I was a little bashful… Enjoy!!! xoxoxo

If you were stranded on an island, what 3 things must you have with you?

Something to write with, mayonnaise and a working satellite phone 🙂

What annoys you?

Ungrateful people and flip floppers. People who just don’t deliver what they promise. I think your word is important, and I’m not perfect, but I do everything in my power not to break a commitment. Sometimes to my detriment!

I think if I could sum up what frustrates me the most – and permeates everything wrong with society is – lack of integrity.



Do you have siblings?

Yes I’m the baby of 3 children.

How old are you, REALLY?

Older than yesterday, and younger than tomorrow…! Sheesh you sound like the credit card company “how old will you be on your next birthday.” [she laughs] What was the question again?! Look… there… [She tries to distract and laughs].

What’s your secret embarrassing pass-time?

Mortified to say this but I like ‘junk TV’ to just chill so I have been known to watch Maury (You Are Not The Father). Not sure I’m embarrassed about it – but I’ve watched over 700 episodes of Star Trek TV shows… That always helps me zone out a bit.  I love stand up comedy and music…

Who do you most want to be like?

JESUS! And the Me in my head!