A LOT of people reach out to me to ask for my tips on growing their small business, so I decided to write a few tips that should help you to get positioned for greatness as a new/small business.

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Quick Top Tips for Aspiring/New Entrepreneurs

  1. Control your biz & personal expenses – don’t rape the business by spending all you make. Reinvest wisely.
  2. Collaborate incessantly (my book talks about serious ways to do this www.secretcollaborativeeconomy.com)
  3. Assume nothing, question everything and quality check your output.
  4. Be the best in your team and ONLY focus on what you’re great at. Outsource the rest.
  5. Cut out toxic people – read this article: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/marsha-wright/business-contacts-killing-your-business_b_3183451.html
  6. Know your worth and don’t serve cheap clients! – read this article: http://www.forbes.com/sites/work-in-progress/2011/03/28/no-you-cant-pick-my-brain-it-costs-too-much/#1caf71b41ae9
  7. Read… ALOT! Read books by the best in your field, follow their updates, read 20 articles a day. Be the most knowledgeable and well-read in your space. Then top grade yourself by working with clients who are able to help you reach the next level.
  8. A MUST… SELL WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT… not just what YOU want to sell. If there is no market for what you want to sell, don’t be stubborn. Prove people want it. Research competitors – not just the massive famous ones – the smaller guys too! How much are they making? Who do they serve? What hurdles are they facing? Be your own devil’s advocate and force yourself to talk to your target market – or at least test with them. Don’t proceed with a plan that is flawed. Nothing wrong with giving up on a particular strategy – while keeping the big vision in place.
  9. Pool resources to get people working with you and helping you build your business – without cost – with other professionals and entrepreneurs – chapter 6 of my book covers that – http://www.secretcollaborativeeconomy.com
  10. Finally… Be determined! Don’t try to do it all alone! Become a person who people will talk about for 200 years!LIVE BOLDLY!

    Marsha Wright
    Remember to check out the book here: http://www.secretcollaborativeeconomy.com